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We are one of you, we love good taste, the ocean and the benefits of the highest mineral sea salts we can find. We hope to attract customers that enjoy the good karma of knowing their purchase will give back to Ocean Foundations. Let's clean up, give access, and protect the salt water from which we all depend on. 

If an order doesn't arrive with proper product, or safely and on-time. Please let us know. We want to keep up a fabulous reputation, and provide peace, not stress. 


Nobody needs more junk mail or annoying remarketing inquiries. With that said, we will be starting a newsletter and occasionally updating on newly launched flavors and salt suites we'd like to get your opinions on. We will NOT share or sell your information.


Don't worry, we promise to not become a pest, or fill your email without a really good reason to share. Look for special offers and new releases as we grow, and who we have donated our cause money to - and what they've done to help protect the oceans. 


Please inquire for the wholesale - resale price list. Restaurants, marketplaces, venues, events that might want to have Siren Salt products, let's chat!


We are looking to find appropriate partners that want to provide their customers with the goodness of Salt Saloon products, and promote protecting and preserving oceans around the world. 

Please send inquires to Beverly Connelly, founder  - 


- Credit / Debit Cards via Square

- Offline Payments

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